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PageRank, link popularity and keyword rank are essential not only for every web site - today, that's the issue of controlling the world events. How much fake search engine results has been fabricated by those who claim Internet freedom and democracy?

The most obedient and productive slave is the one who is falsely convinced that he is free. We are all slaves to seigniorage, the strongest form of power in world politics. Under the dictatorship of ignorance and false knowledge, humanity is trapped in a cage with invisible bars. On the road to a New World Order, the most powerful weapon which global plutocracy uses to keep us enslaved are not whips and guns, but our eyes and ears.

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There are only two options in front of the central bank: to serve or to be served. If the central bank wants to serve, it will print money as a value; if the central bank wants to be served, it will print money as a debt. If Earth is not flat anymore, if there is no more slavery, and if we defeated fascism; then why We The People Of The World, through a concept in which currency without any material basis is issued out of nothing, still accept indebtedness to the private institution for the amount of all money in circulation, without receiving anything in return?

The global financial crisis? If you can't see, or you're not looking close enough, or you have a mental block. Economic slaves of the world, this time there is no Noah's Ark, or we will save ourselves, or we're all dead!


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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