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Applying for the best paid technician job... Funny video about the monetary system, banking industry and illegal activities.


B: Hi I am applying for the clerical position available at Banksters & CO.

S: Great. I see from your resume that you have experience with organizing files.

B: Yes, I have extensive experience with filing. I was the bookkeeper for a local mafia syndicate.

S: Oh that’s wonderful. We are running a very similar operation here.

B: Oh really so you won’t get in trouble if you are caught in the middle of an illegal activity.

S: That’s right. The worst that will happen is that we’ll get fined a few million dollars, but since the Federal Reserve gave us billions of dollars during the bailout rest assured that we’ll all get our bonuses come Christmas time.

B: That’s great so what will I need to do for my job.

S: Well you see we have these files that prove that we have no real assets. We are basically just trading paper and you need to hide these files within other files that mean nothing and then you need to make more files within those files and do this as long as you can.

B: So basically I need to make it very difficult for anyone to track our illegal activity.

S: That’s right and in the meantime we’ll continue to ask the Federal Reserve to give us more money because we all need to get our bonuses.

B: And what happens if we get audited?

S: Good question. Fortunately for us, the people who are auditing us are part of this illegal operation. Any other questions?

B: Yes, what happens when people learn that we have no real assets?

S: We will make sure to buy as much gold as we can with the money that the Federal Reserve has given us. We can use this gold when the Dollar implodes on itself.

B: Won’t this put the country in a great depression like in 1929?

S: Yes, but this time it will make us even more money.

B: Sounds good to me. Am I hired?

S: You’ve got the job. Follow me. I’ll show you to the filing room.


 You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video


Where Does The Bank Get Its Money To Lend?

Here's a simple question: If you take out a mortgage or any sort of loan with the bank, where precisely does this money come from?

What if I told you that the bank simply created the money out of thin air?

What if I told you that the bank simply wrote a cheque against itself in order to put this money in your account?

Why not ask the real experts? Let's see what The Bank of England has to say on the matter.

Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2008 - Q1. Let's turn to page 103 of this report:

"Banks extend credit by simply increasing the borrowing customer’s current account, which can be paid away to wherever the borrower wants by the bank ‘writing a cheque on itself’. That is, banks extend credit by creating money."

Once again just so you understand this: Banks extend credit by creating money.

So there you have it, straight from 'the horse's mouth'.

Now, I suggest you ask yourself, when the bank threatens you with 'legal action' or 'the bailiffs' or 'repossesion' because you have failed to 'pay them back' the 'money' they 'lent' you, how, precisely, have they suffered any actual loss?

Better still, ask your bank manager, or the magistrate or judge... and watch them squirm...


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